Origami Tea Bag A little arrange, and making a happier life.

Desirable Packages What made something desirable is not only the product itself, but how it is packed. These are some […]

Fractal Sunshade This sunshade is composed of fractal, and succeeds in imitating the shade made by a real tree. It […]

Remarketing In this garbage disposal plant, wastes are sorted thoroughly.Some sorted garbage are cleaned, categorized by materials, and sold at […]

Citizin UniversityLectures open from 7am to 8am in the office district of Tokyo, Japan.This is for businessmen before starting working. […]

New LibraryLibrary has been supposed to be a quiet place. But this new designed library includes starbucks, lecture hall, study […]

Fabreeze What is interesting about this product is that it didn’t originally sell well, when the market team tried to […]

Friction ballpen Friction ballpen is an amazing product, which becomes popular worldwide. It broke the stereotype that we could not […]

“I defy you to pound me!” It is a poster which got an advertisement award (The award is for the poster […]

Waterproof Dock Speaker (walkman) In modern days, people are always seeking the way to use their time efficiently. But where […]