Naked Juice

Naked Juice marries the mental self-image of wanting to be healthy with the physical desire (hedonism) for sugar/good-tasting food. The […]


Athleisure benefits from being at the intersection of the ideo-pleasure gained from looking and feeling like a healthy, athletic individual […]

March of Dimes

March of Dimes is relatively well known for their marketing strategies, one of which uses the principle of reciprocity and […]

Hydro Flask

While the Hydro Flask is certainly a viscerally pleasing and good quality water bottle, its recently ubiquitous presence is undoubtedly […]


Birchbox takes the social desire to experiment with and delve into the world of beauty and makes it easier and […]


While Spotify certainly benefits from social proof and word-of-mouth marketing, the biggest drivers behind its success is perhaps that it […]