Shape-shifting tables made at the MIT Media Lab: plastic rods embedded in tables respond to human touch and movement. The […]

Comfortable chairs at Gutman Library…especially needed during exam times 😉

Umutu Coffee Co.

Umutu Coffee is trying something new in Nigeria. Recognizing that there no social coffee culture there, the founders have decided […]

Origami Tea Bag A little arrange, and making a happier life.

What I’ve Got: 3D printing pen from 3Doodler With a 3D pen that uses plastic as its “ink”, I could […]

What I’ve Got: The Pibal

The brainchild of Philippe Starck and Peugeot, the “Pibal,” is a bicycle crossed with a scooter that has the potential to […]

What I’ve got: 3D printed cast It uses an ultrasonic pulse generator to speed up healing. Still in the prototype […]

Moving Platforms: concept for a train system allowing passengers to switch between trains during a trip, potentially allowing them to […]

WIG: Cambridge Public Library One of the nicest places to study or meet up with a friend. It can get […]