Our team’s central mission was to design an app that helps people recovering from eating disorders through food logging. Although […]

Violet, the robot

Violet is an ultra-violet sterilization robot for disinfection. The robot is born in Ireland, created by Cornor Mcginn, who is […]


Because friends cannot meet each other, they settle for watching movies together online. Kosmi is a digital hangout platform where […]

Uber Eats

When all the restaurant shut down, Uber Eats quickly changed their strategies in order to adjust to the pandemic. First, […]


Although many people seem condescending when talking about TikTok, it is a very successful app. Because people have more time […]


Curio is an audio news app where new articles and stories are hand-selected by their editors. All news articles are […]


Mirror is a mirror that can play online exercise courses. Marketed as an interactive gym, Mirror is targeting people who […]

Lofi music

Lofi music is a genre of music where the melody contains some elements that are considered as imperfections of a […]


Petfinder is an app where users can see animals that are adoptable in shelters. Nowadays, most shelters use Petfinder to […]