Apple News

The news app by Apple used to be pretty frustrating because a lot of the magazines and Newspapers they included […]

Fresh on UberEats

Fresh is a vegan restaurant that has several locations in Toronto and I think might have expanded to the USA. […]


Ripple is a plant-based milk brand made by extracting protein from peas without taking any of the flavor components from […]


Aritzia is a Canadian fashion brand that has since expanded to certain areas of the United States. I really admire […]

Smart Sweets

I am obsessed with Smart Sweets, but mostly their “Sweet Fish” product. It tastes so good and is plant-based made […]


Tide is an app that plays beautiful music and sounds inspired by or from nature that helps with focus, meditation, […]


Moody is a simple yet effective mood logging app. It is so easy to track your mood because all you […]

Youth to the People

Youth to the People is a skincare brand that uses high quality sustainably sourced vegan ingredients. But they are also […]