What I’ve Got: Tesla Tesla is a desirable brand both because it is a luxury and status symbol due to […]

What I’ve Got: LED Lightbulbs LED Lightbulbs are desirable because they conserve energy and help the environment, both which are […]

What I’ve Got: Gluten Free Products Gluten-Free Products are desirable both to those that have celiac disease and cannot consume […]

What I’ve Got: Homejoy Homejoy is a service where anyone can have their home cleaned in just a matter of […]

What I’ve Got: Algorithmic Art Algorithmic art is desirable because it can be created using just formulas and designed on […]

What I’ve Got: Rent the Runway  Rent the Runway is a service where women can rent designer dresses for the […]

What I’ve Got: Elastic Shoe Laces Elastic shoe laces are desirable because they save time and allow for ease of […]

What I’ve Got: Patagonia Better Sweater 1/4 Zip The Patagonia Better Sweater 1/4 Zip is a common sight on campus […]

What I’ve Got: Washio Washio is an on-demand wash-dry-fold service that picks up your dirty laundry and drops it back […]

What I’ve Got: Task Rabbit Task Rabbit is a marketplace that connects people with small tasks such as building Ikea […]