Challenge 7: Show&Tell

Show&Tell is an online review platform aimed at boutique fashion retail sites which lack the specialization or resources to implement […]

What I’ve Got: Divvy

Two summers ago, I finally gave into my curiosity and signed up for Divvy, the bikeshare program in Chicago. Suddenly, […]


Bl∆nk is an online learning platform aimed at training users to enter the web development and graphic design industry. Based […]

Challenge 2a

For this challenge I created 4 icons, a presentation slide, and a personal logo. Icons: After browsing through hundreds of […]

Challenge 1: Our History

Our History is an immersive experience for groups of 8-12 featuring discovery, puzzles, history, and excavation. On the centennial anniversary […]


Scrolling on, users would access the second tier, Blurbs, which offers further details on each story through a combination of […]