What I’ve got: 3D printed cast It uses an ultrasonic pulse generator to speed up healing. Still in the prototype […]

What I’ve Got: lightsaber umbrella Not only is it cool but you also will have light when you are walking […]

What I’ve got: 1 tb of memory This shiny sphere is an external hard drive that can hold around 2 […]

What I’ve Got: HABU App It created a mood based playlist from your music. Select empowered, calm or excited and […]

What I’ve Got: A bed for the office This inflatable cubicle is ideal for an office nap. Very desirable for […]

What I’ve Got: Head massager  It’s a head massager that plays music. I can’t imagine this being any good. At […]

What I’ve got: a kick ass lounge area. This is unique and desirable. Lounging on the couch sideways not being […]

What I’ve got: A hotel room shaped like an igloo and much more. Desirable because you can experience the outdoors […]

What I’ve got:  A building designed after a camera. A family in South Korea was so obsessed with cameras that […]

Field Research for a Cookie Company Problem area: The need for cookies and care packages around college towns. College students like […]