I created this landing page for “The Olive Branch”, and although I never figured out how to make it go “live” I […]

The Olive Branch is a mobile app and website designed to make the political more personal. With dwindling numbers at […]

For this challenge, we ran into issues with our mold. Due to the complications with the concrete pouring and our […]

Fantasy Fitbit merges the world of fantasy football with a dedication to a healthy and active lifestyle. Fantasy Fitbit will […]

My philosophy on design can be compared to a quotation related to men’s tailoring that goes: If a man walks […]

For the record, I don’t believe in functional fashion. I don’t think heels that change height, or pants that turn […]

The Tree Hotel looks like it was sent from the future. The mirrored walls are a simple and innovative touch that […]

Bevel is the first shaving system that caters to black men. Perhaps not a commonly known problem, but most razors […]

Timebox offers a travel experience once relegated to the realm of cinema and imagination – the ability to move through […]

When I saw the design of the Serenity Pod Bed, it struck me as futuristic and unique – it also […]