We kept the form of the stool simple added aestetic design. We did not anticipate how rought the stool would […]

Inspired by the playful, and cheery colors of summer (as depicted by the image of the bathing suit below), we […]

For the revisions and continuity of our efforts with Challenge 2, we reached out to some contacts I have at […]

Fitbit Rest || Stress-reduction journey Point behavior exists People are stressed/anxious People are experiencing negative health related to stress/anxiety (eg: […]

Creating beautiful and useful things is my goal as a designer. I feel like this photo represents me because the […]

This is an ancient Greek amphora. Nothing demonstrates desirability like something that is still regarded as beautiful and inspirational after […]

Pilot: For our first episode, the scene opens with Rose Falkman waking up in a hospital bed. Her waking up […]

Mr. Tea Infuser is an adorably cute, practical device. It not only looks friendly and fun, but it does its […]

The Experience Pre-Stage Prep: From the moment you walk in you are made to believe that you are a pop/rock […]