Developing on from my previous prototype, this vest has multiple layers for efficient sweat wicking and insulation.  It also incorporates […]

For this challenge I wanted to create a running vest with an integrated LED system.  The idea behind this was […]

The three of Dieter Rams’ principles that I focused on for this project were Unobtrusiveness, Usefulness and Intuitiveness of use. […]

Before designing our headphones, our team wanted to solicit user feedback surrounding headphone design before proceeding. We designed a survey […]

From the first draft, we decided to give the show a little bit more context within itself, by fleshing out […]

For many men, suits are a fact of the working world and must be worn 5 days a week.  A […]

Vibram developed FiveFinger Toe shoes in response to a growing movement within the running community that called for shoes with […]

Patek Philipe has created a product that is desirable through exclusivity.  These watches are expensive and are marketed as family […]

Picture 1 Graph 1 Graph 2 Table 1 Graph 3 Graph 4 Graph 5 Goals 1.     Calories Burned per Day. […]

Design lies at the intersection of style and functionality.  When I design something I want it to visually and emotionally […]