Metal Is The New Black

For our project, we designed two different shoe concepts that approached the 20 year old male market from two different […]

Jayden Black

Persona: This pair of sneakers are designed to attract the young new generation of men who cares about fashion, expressions, […]

Pop Sneakers

We decided to rethink the trends that a 20-year-old male would sport and where those trends are heading, and went […]

MOST Sneakers

This sneaker is for a young man, entering or expected to enter a high paying job in an industry such […]

Winged Tips

Haute couture for the streets of LA. The target is a 20 year old who enjoys wearing the latest in […]

Workout to Work

When beginning to go about designing my sneaker, I was very much inspired by a similar market that the Levi […]

The Commuter Shoe

Andy is a young professional living in the Boston area.  He works for an advertising firm.  His friends would describe […]