HowTo is a mobile reference application, designed to be an educational resource for older users struggling with technology. This is […]

Moleskin notebooks

Yet again, moleskin notebooks are simple and they do not have any pieces that are not necessary. Yet, a good […]

Bianchi Roadbikes

Roadbikes are beautiful objects. This is because, in a roadbike, no piece does not have a function. They are aiming […]

Disposable pepper grinder

Disposable pepper grinders are great. They are incredibly efficient int the way they are built, they do (surprisingly) not actually […]

Shoe trees

Shoe trees are simple and functional. Made of cedar wood, they get rid of sweat and smell, and they help […]


Chopsticks follow my design principles in that they are deceptively simple, incredibly handy and, more importantly, fulfill a real need. […]


Overview Retail investors struggle to apply what they know when making investment decisions. For this challenge, our goal was to […]


Our team’s central mission was to design an app that helps people recovering from eating disorders through food logging. Although […]