WIG: Chipping

‘Chipping’ is a brand new technological phenomenon, in which people pay tattoo artists to implant a small chip under the […]

WIG: Cronut

The cronut is a brand new addition to the culinary world, yet at a mere 6 years old, it has […]

Challenge 9: Pocket Heart

Link to challenge 9 presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1bUiXiQ2LGk7PjyR7B-O4XE1A7Q70Yfmi80UOl14Ct4E/edit#slide=id.p Pocket Heart is a tangible relief mechanism  that connects a person with a loved […]

WIG: Waldron

Waldron is a smart approach to individualized fashion styling. This app startup takes a user’s style preferences through a survey […]

Terra Coda

Inspired by elements of Pokemon Go and Duolingo, “Terra Coda” is a 7+ adventure game with the purpose of teaching […]