Peking Duck

There is nothing quite like the crisp yet rich duck skin that characterizes Peking Duck. This iconic Beijing dish is […]

WIG: Sonos

Among speaker companies, Sonos stands out in that their pitch to consumers doesn’t actually revolve around the quality or cost-effectiveness […]

WIG: Shake Shack

Around a month ago, I encountered a burger joint in Buenos Aires that had replicated Shake Shack almost exactly, from […]

WIG: Twitch

5 million daily active viewers spend an average of almost two hours every day watching people play video games on […]

WIG: Uber App

With how prevalent Uber is these days, it’s easy to forget how much ride-hailing has changed since the emergence of […]

WIG: League of Legends

In 2018, the most popular competitive League of Legends tournament was watched by 99.6 million unique viewers, with concurrent viewership […]