WIG: Iced Coffee

Our traditional view of coffee is associated with warmth and breakfast-time. Iced coffee is a trend that breaks these standards […]

WIG: JetBlack

I recently went to a talk given by Jenny Fleiss, the co-founder of Rent the Runway and JetBlack. Since I’ve […]

WIG: ClassPass

Classpass is a service that allows you to attend a variety of fitness classes in different boutique fitness studios in […]

WIG: Reformation Clothing

Reformation is an LA-based fashion brand that, according to their tag-line, “makes killer clothes that don’t kill the environment.” What […]

WIG: Sweetgreen

People standing in long lines to wait for their fast-food salads – wouldn’t that sound crazy 10 years ago? Sweetgreen […]

Bank Heist

Bank Heist is a collaborative game for mobile where communication is required to advance through a series of challenges. The […]