Challenge 4: SuperMom

SuperMom is a platform to help mothers re-enter the workforce through skill development and community support. It also provides an […]


CHALLENGE 4: Pathfinder Pathfinder is a platform for learning. Designed around the concept of a skill tree or map, Pathfinder allows […]


DRIVR is a new learning platform that aims to teach people working in quickly dwindling industries (such as coal mining) […]


Elocutio is a platform accessible on multiple devices and by multiple services meant to improve the user’s verbal communication skills. […]

Challenge 4: 21C

(Please view the homepage here and the user journey here.) During the 20th century, preparation for release figured as a crucial […]

Devoted Developers

Devoted Developers is a platform that narrows in on helping parents who have been out of the workforce learn how […]


catherineule: Full hi-res version here TechMoms is a blended learning platform that empowers mothers who want to return to the […]

Military Mind

Military Mind is a platform that enables veterans to tackle their PTSD through breathing, meditation, and community. At first, the […]


What it is: We assumed students are fairly motivated to begin their learning journey, so we chose to focus on […]