Typically, periods are not thought of as design-related or exciting. Lola offers completely customized period products on a subscription model. […]

Earring organizer

Within the past two years, I started purchasing dangly earrings which led to the question of how to organize them. […]

Ring light with phone stand

Producing videos often requires multiple people to set up, light, and shoot the shot. In quarantine, many content creators, producers, […]


Cameo was designed pre-corona but is especially useful now to bring joy to people in a time where the entertainment […]

The Hygienehook

Necessity often breeds creativity and innovation. WIth the global outbreak of coronavirus, we are witnessing invention on a scale not […]

Dr. John Campbell on YouTube

We live in an age fraught with misinformation both federally and journalistically, especially when it comes to the global outbreak […]


Today, fashion is pivoting to become more service-oriented and experiential. Many platforms are being established that cater to this need […]


My emerging design perspective places a lot of value on products that are well-integrated with the user’s existing life, and […]