Love in the Dark

This is a dance concept video created by widely respected choreographer, Kyle Hanagami. I am particularly inspired by this piece […]

Taza Chocolate

Taza Chocolate, based in Somerville, MA is a chocolate company that produces and sells its own chocolate. Amidst the competition […]

Her Name is Han

This is a unique Korean restaurant in New York City, and quite possibly one of my all time favorite restaurants. […]


This is a new song and music video by the Korean artist IU that recently came out. While I don’t […]


This new app provides an efficient and anonymous solution for tracing the spread of Covid19. In a time when contact […]

Feeding America

This organization has been around since pre-Covid times, but it has become especially important in light of the pandemic, providing […]

Online Town

This newly developed product is aimed toward helping people better connect in a digital way during this socially distant time. […]