The Hygienehook

Necessity often breeds creativity and innovation. WIth the global outbreak of coronavirus, we are witnessing invention on a scale not […]

Dr. John Campbell on YouTube

We live in an age fraught with misinformation both federally and journalistically, especially when it comes to the global outbreak […]


Today, fashion is pivoting to become more service-oriented and experiential. Many platforms are being established that cater to this need […]


I am fascinated by online learning platforms that are built for the digital age. Skillshare is a platform that enables […]


Outlier is a platform founded by Aaron Rasmussen, one of the original cofounders of MasterClass, whose goal is to provide […]


Zoom is a videoconferencing platform founded by Eric Yuan in 2011. Today, engagement with the platform has increased almost 1000% […]


During the course of my interviews for the final project (including some that were later discarded since my project shifted […]


MasterClass is an online education platform that allows users to take classes from experts in their field who are proclaimed […]

Khan Academy

I’m fascinated by developments in the edtech space in the modern world. Each startup has taken a unique approach to […]