Away Suitcase

by Lucy Golub

Packing in an away suitcase turns a tedious task fun. Though packing is often stressful, Away’s sophisticated and beautiful design holds more than other similar sized suitcases. The built in charger, hard shell, insert, and laundry bag are all features that I didn’t know I wanted until I had them. The four wheel design means that pulling or pushing my suitcase on city sidewalks is as easy as possible. Plus, the bright colors make them stand out in a baggage claim situation. Most suitcases are neutral, just a thing to put clothes in. Away suitcases are exciting even without the items inside because of all their features. As a designer, I want to make attractive items that transform activities I’m already doing, and Away does just that by providing an entire system for modular, organized, and stylish travel through their suitcases and accompanying packing cubes and smaller bags.

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