Although we’re in the midst of a global pandemic, entertainment and media outlets have continued to produce content from home. Vanity Fair is just one among many of these media outlets that has shifted production away from a professional studio and onto the lens of the webcam. They’ve released a few interesting “Fact Check” videos at home style, including “Royal Expert Fact Checks Royal Movies,” “Therapists Review Twilight and La La Land,” and “Lawyer Fact Checks Court Scenes.” This content has been really fascinating to digest, observe, and consume because the core premise of the video is often still there although production has shifted away from professional settings. This content is also a great way to memorialize the lived experience of the pandemic, and helps to create a rich archive on which to look back at the entertainment and media response to this unique period of history. I’m always struck by creativity and human ingenuity in the face of challenges and constraints. We’re lucky to live in a day and age where disruption isn’t as sharply disruptive as it could be just because of widespread access to technology.