MasterClass is an online education platform that allows users to take classes from experts in their field who are proclaimed to be the very best in the world. With MasterClass, users can take online courses with directors, musicians, actresses, writers, athletes, designers, and more. Experts with courses on the platform include Martin Scorsese, Natalie Portman, Stephen Curry, Serena Williams, Shonda Rimes, Deadmau5, and more. MasterClass has been said to be “the most exclusive club in Hollywood” by founder David Rogier himself; today in fact, the platform turns down 9 out of 10 experts who express an interest in teaching a class. They only partner with marquee names who are extremely accomplished in their fields, which takes advantage of Robert Cialdini’s key behavioral design principle of authority. It’s not everyday that a user would be able to get up close and personal access to these celebrated figures, so it’s a unique concept. However, it has been said that classes are more like intimate conversations, wisdom, and insights than in-depth learning experience. I would thus argue the platform is meant to be more inspiring than anything in that it empowers you to persevere with a craft or reach a goal. This has been one big critique of the platform that you sacrifice for the kind of content that is being produced.

People in front of the camera are not only Oscar, Emmy, and Grammy Award winners, but so are the people behind the lens, with production stretching into the six figures. If MasterClass only consults with the top 1% of experts in the world, I would argue there is room for the insight and skillset of the 99% on platforms like Skillshare and YouTube. This could bring in some friendly competition.