This is a unique Korean restaurant in New York City, and quite possibly one of my all time favorite restaurants. Of course, the food they serve is delicious, but what keeps drawing me back in is the concept and message behind the restaurant. The restaurant describes itself as a response to the growing number of Korean-Americans and internationals working and studying in the city, and wanting to create a place or them to find a piece of home and the flavor of home cooking amidst the business of the city life. This is evident throughout everything in the restaurant. Its menu touts a series of innovative dishes which take traditional, homestyle dishes and infuse them with more modern characteristics that may excite this generation of young adults but don’t betray their roots. It has simple yet comforting interior design, and despite it being incredibly popular and busy, it doesn’t allow reservations or waitlist, maintaining its simple, down-to-earth feel and rejecting “fancy contemporary culinary” culture, as they call it.