Dr. John Campbell on YouTube

by Danielle Green

We live in an age fraught with misinformation both federally and journalistically, especially when it comes to the global outbreak of coronavirus. Many educators are taking a grassroots movement to educate people around the world to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Dr. John Campbell a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England who releases daily videos with updates about COVID-19 around the world. He also covers the latest in peer-reviewed research on the topic. Today, Dr. John Campbell has grown his following organically to over 440,000 subscribers over the course of the pandemic. I think when it comes to scholarly and authoritative information, the cream always rises to the top (as one of my interviewees said). I am grateful for people who cut through bias and noise to identify truth and use their platform to present that information to the general public. I find such people who create platforms to amplify their voices in such dark and challenging times to be inspiring. We need scholars to use good media to fight bad media.

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