by Nan Yang

Recompose offers a green and sustainable Death Care alternative to cremation and conventional burial methods. Their service gently converts human remains into the soil to nourish new life after death. In this system, by utilising nature’s principles, human bodies return to the earth sequestering carbon and improving soil health.

I find it extraordinarily inspiring because of the Awe/ vastness it envisions, as well as the Elevation/ Virtue. We have to make this decision when we die; in this module, we are returned to earth, leaving no pollutants and carbon footprint, furthermore become part of the earth that able to support lives. This practice unfolds a beautiful picture of Awe. By contributing to the shift of death culture and turn into nature is such an inspiring notion that makes the users feel accomplished and elevated.

The service is also transforming behaviours, though it might be a small voice right now. Thus, such action becomes even valuable and precious to make more people on the awareness of environmental and climatic impacts of our death choice.

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