Fresh is a vegan restaurant that has several locations in Toronto and I think might have expanded to the USA. A few days ago I was looking at UberEats and I noticed that Fresh offered a “Grocery” section on their app! So when my family ordered some food from there we also looked at the grocery tab and selected some items, like a dozen raspberry chocolate scones. This is a new feature that I assume UberEats has but I haven’t seen it on other restaurants on the app other than Fresh as of right now. I think it’s a really great idea because if you are already ordering food and paying for service fees for it to get here, you may as well get some groceries at the same time! It also helps support the restaurants you love! The scones were really great and came frozen. I know it might seem like such a small thing, but the idea of restaurants offering a grocery section where they sell more bulk orders with longer shelf-lives during this crisis seems like such a great idea!