The primary function of this app is exactly what it sounds like: tracking the weather. It at first seems to be a pretty boring app, and useful only for seeing whether it is going to rain outside. However, this app has tons of other functions that actually make it engaging to use. In addition to giving hourly and daily weather reports, the app also tells users about flu risk, allergy season, when high tide is approaching, what to expect in terms of mosquitos, and even the best times to run. As someone who really likes to run, I love this app because it helps me prepare, and let’s me know when the best time to go out is. I also just appreciate apps that give users tons of information, because it makes it a one-stop shop for planning. For example, if I want to go surfing with my friends, this app saves me the trouble of Googling which days will be best, which beaches will be best, and which times will be best. The concept of the app is simple – just telling people the weather – but all of its features make it really useful.