I am obsessed with Smart Sweets, but mostly their “Sweet Fish” product. It tastes so good and is plant-based made with high-quality ingredients. They were also selling them at Costco which was incredible because you could get 5 packs of it at a good price. One of their main tenets is that they are low in sugar, which is a plus point for some consumers. I will say that I prefer the Sweet Fish over any of their other products I’ve tried because I think they’ve really nailed the formula and the feel. Also, their gummy bears are not vegan, which first made me frustrated with the brand because all of their other products are, and it was in the same bin as their vegan options and there is only a small badge to denote the difference. But they’ve won me back over with the Sweet Fish.

I feel like this brand is consistent with my design point of view because their packaging is beautiful and minimalistic, they focus on quality over quantity as well as sourcing (in the case of Sweet Fish) vegan ingredients. They also are able to create an experience through the taste of this product because it genuinely tastes and looks like a fancy expensive Swedish fish. The detail on the fish candy itself looks beautiful, and it tastes like really expensive raspberries and does not leave a weird taste in your mouth that regular Swedish fish sometimes do.