“Samsung Eco-Friendly TV Packaging is specially designed eco-friendly corrugated cardboard boxes, each intended to be reassembled into a range of furnishings for the home instead of being discarded into the recycling bin.Once the television set is removed, owners are offered the opportunity to follow an included manual illustrating how to convert their large cardboard box into a household item following dot matrix design printed onto each side of the corrugated cardboard boxes.”

I find this design to be encapsulating of a few of my various ‘design point of views’. Firstly, these designs focus on tasteful sustainability, allowing the consumer to repurpose the packaging for a television set. Secondly, this product design tackles another of my design p.o.v.’s, a new take on an old classic, as these designs take a fun and innovative stance on a classic utility item, the cardboard box. Lastly, the various forms and functional items the Samsung cardboard box can evolve into are aesthetically appealing, clean, functional and collaborative — other important dimensions of my design point of view. I think that these repurposed cardboard boxes are truly innovative and exciting.