Ripple is a plant-based milk brand made by extracting protein from peas without taking any of the flavor components from the peas. Their drinks are consequently delicious and don’t taste like vegetables or have a strange texture and are also incredibly nutritious. My favorite product is the chocolate milk because I feel good drinking it because it tastes like a dessert or something that should be unhealthy but I’m actually getting 8 grams of protein! There is physio pleasure in the smooth taste but also ideopleasure because it makes me feel healthy. I think there is also a behavioral element as it makes you want to incorporate this drink into your routine because of how healthy it is and how nice it tastes. I think Ripple embodies my design point of view because I strongly believe that we as designers can push users towards a healthier lifestyle without making them feel like they are giving anything up. That’s one of the reasons I love Ripple–you drink it not just because it tastes good, but because it has so much protein. You aren’t consuming it just because it isn’t milk.