The Nest Doorbell is a doorbell that not only rings, but also takes a video of the person at your door, and records it to look at it later. I spent a lot of time over the past few months knocking on doors for political campaigns, and I always loved coming to doors with the Nest doorbell because a) the ringing sound it made was really nice to listen to and b) if no one was home, I could talk about my candidate to the doorbell so that (hopefully!) the people in the house could watch it later. I think this product embodies a couple key aspects of my design taste: making an ordinary thing more interesting, and combining usefulness with fun and beauty. Ringing a doorbell is such an ordinary part of life, and having someone come to your door is not always exciting, but the Nest doorbell makes it more fun to knock on doors, and I would imagine it would give you interesting information about who came to your door while you were away.