According to MUJI, it is “a wall-mounted CD player for playback that allows you to turn the CD on and off by pulling the power cord down. ” Many designers want to design something very special, but Naoto Fukasawa believes that it is common and reasonable to make the design more ordinary. The most interesting point of this product is that the act of listening to music is not just the sound of the CD, but involves many parts including pulling the rope to turn on the CD player, the rotating disc that is visible, music playback like wind blowing from the fan. The whole experience not only brings pleasure to the audience but also provides nostalgic psychology since most of the electric lights were pull-wire switches in the past. Naoto Fukasawa transforms this experience from light to sound. It aligns well with my design principles because the design is subtle while profoundly transform people’s experience both visually, behaviorally, and also acoustically. The outlook of the product is very minimalistic also.