Moody is a simple yet effective mood logging app. It is so easy to track your mood because all you have to do is click on different buttons, such as rating your mood on a scale of 1-5 and selecting the emotions you feel. It helps establish connections by then asking what you were doing, and again you can select from a list as well as add and customize your own options. The emojis they use are really unique and have different themes and you can choose what emoji best represents each mood. This embodies my design point of view because I am invested in apps that help with different mental health issues and illnesses, but I believe an app does not have to look or feel clinical to be useful. I think that users should be able to understand their own progress and feel joy in the apps they use. I also prefer more minimalist designs, and this app is a perfect example of this without sacrificing the ability to customize. Overall, Moody is a visually beautiful app that balances minimalism and form with functionality and effectiveness of the data they are collecting.