“The ECO POD is a sustainable solution to plastic pollution, heavy liquid formulations, and bacteria contamination arising from bulk liquid dispensers. A waterless powder formulation is packaged in a paper pod made with 60% bamboo fiber, 30% sugarcane fiber, and 10% wood fiber, which creates a lightweight, stackable product for lighter transportation and a lower carbon footprint. Easy to use, easy to ship, and even easy to compost, we are pioneering a new road to a zero plastic future.”

The Eco Pod takes a tasteful and approachable stance on the shift towards sustainable living. Hotel Emporium has designed this product to halt their use of single-use plastics when it comes to sanitary/hygiene items. This design targets one of my focal design point of view; tasteful sustainability. As shifting our behavior to living a more sustainable lifestyle, it is important that the products we use to replace our unsustainable habits are functional, easy to use, and more appealing than single-use plastics. Eco Pods are a great example of one of these types of products as they offer the user with an enticing alternative and do so in an aesthetically-pleasing way.