I have been getting targeted ads on Instagram for this product, but it sounds interesting and has a really streamlined and beautiful design. milkpress makes and stores up to 4 Cups / 1L of fresh plant-based milk, and cleanly removes any pulp for later use.
milkpress is plastic free, uses fda-approved food grade silicone, uses heat-resistant glass, has a precision etched stainless steel filter, and comes in a recycled corrugated cardboard mailer box. In the vogue of milk alternatives, the design of this product seems like an effective way to streamline at home plant-based milk production, i.e. making cashew milk, almond milk… Very useful for these days in quarantine where people are looking for new projects to spend their time, but also great for the afficionado of alternative milks who wants a more sophisticated way to make their milk, rather than the old school draining method. It is also an interesting product in light of health consciousness and being able to have complete control over what ingredients you are putting in your body.