Crown Affair Hair Care- New Company

by Ana Maria Delmar

Crown Affair is a new haircare company, their philosophy statement is “We believe that loving your hair starts with understanding how to care for it. Each product we make is developed to work together with any (or all) of our products, so that together they form more than a routine: it’s a ritual. We’ve partnered with dedicated craftsmen and chemists around the world to create thoughtfully sourced products you’ll love using each and every day.” First of all, all of their marketing and promotional content is beautifully curated and photographed- starting there, the products look super desirable due to the visual identity of the products. They offer different products, such as different handmade brushes, combs, hair oils, even a box that combines all their signature products in one place. The prices are not cheap, but high quality hair care is inherently more expensive than your drugstore haircare (i.e. the famous Mason Pearson hairbrushes that can be 175+), so for their target market, the product comes off as super beautiful and desirable.

The Set

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