Boiler Room’s “Boiler Zoom” Session, Floating Points and KDV Dance Ensemble


Boiler Room is an online music broadcasting platform based in London that commissions and streams live music sessions from around the world. Without knowing, they have been ahead of the COVID online trends— because since their inception, Boiler Room has been publishing live DJ sets, parties, films, with a goal of creating an online community for connecting club culture to the wider world. So recently, the artist Floating Points collaborated with Berlin based dance company KDV Dance Ensemble and Friends to create a super cool livestream that meshes his experimental music with their amazing dance choreography and movement. I find this really interesting as a “product” launch, since it is promoting the dancers and giving them exposure in a time when IRL performance is not possible, aka supporting their livelihood, while creating a new sort of performance type, and also just the cool general idea of artists collaborating and being able to share their work on a platform with a huge following.

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