The Bucket List book is a coffee table book I received as a birthday gift which details adventures that can be had as proposed “bucket list items” organized by continent, country, and city. I find the Bucket List travel book unusually inspiring in several important ways. First of all, the graphics are striking and make the places described come to life. In fact, I find the pictures so appealing that I sometimes flip through the book just to look at them, without reading the corresponding activities. Second, the fact that the book is so meticulously organized makes it really easy for me to find exactly the country I am looking for if a friend mentions they are traveling somewhere so that I can make a recommendation. Effectively, the fact that the book is so well-organized means that I can use it more easily and that I am more likely to actually put it to use. Third, the entries very carefully describe how I can go about the activities it is recommending, taking the burden off of me to plan the details. This planning allows me to enjoy the  day dreaming about these items unburdened by logistics, and makes it more likely that I actually do the activities it is proposing.