Sports cars are fascinating products because they are, in a very fundamental way, pointless: speed limits constrain how fast people can/should go, and there is nothing “sporty” about driving a (fast) car.

However (or perhaps because of that), I find the aesthetics of luxury sports car adverts and videos somewhat inspiring. Check out this: for an example.

What makes these videos inspiring to me, is the abstraction: they do not involve roads or people or related to the use of the car at all. Instead, they highlight grainy shots of starkly illuminated cars, interiors mixed with “epic” soundtracks, rapid cuts and high-res leather seats. I find the perfection and neatness in execution in these videos (that, I guess, is meant to mirror the “sophistication” of the car) inspiring – not because I am inspired by the product, but because I am inspired by the skill and effort that goes into providing such marketing materials.