Dating can be tricky, especially when you can’t go outside and meet up with a potential love interest. Although quarantine has been a challenge for many to stay connected with their friends and family, many Americans have shown a willingness to connect with others over dating platforms. The dating app Hinge has reported a 30% increase in messages in March compared to January or February 2020 on their platform and conducted a survey that showed 70% of their users would be interested in an online video chat date. 

350° was created in order to facilitate new connections through an engaging platform. While maintaining a standard dating app profile and swipe connection aspects, 350° goes further to bring people together by allowing users to meet through an online video chat room in order to have a dynamic cooking date. Although first dates can be awkward, 350° works to make a fun experience by walking users through recipes and prompting users with food related icebreakers. Users can feel good knowing that they created something delicious and were able to connect with someone new. 

The first thing that we wanted to address with 350° was how we could create a unique user experience for each of our users. This starts with the personalization of each user’s profile. Upon noting skill, allergies, preferences, and other categories, our revolutionary algorithm is guaranteed to match you with someone who loves food as much as you.
After setting up a profile, users prompted to swipe on other users based on favorite types of cuisine, food related ice breakers, past culinary creations, and other interests. If two users like one another, a private chat-room is created where they can decide what food they would like to make together. One fantastic feature about 350° is the recipe recommendation feature that appears in the user’s chat-room. This allows users to receive personalized recommendations based on past recipes, trending recipes, or shared culinary interests. 

A simple UI allows users to see one another, while the directions are displayed at the bottom of the screen. To advance to the next step, users only have to swipe. Users can enter or exit the app, and 350° will be sure to keep your call going. 

Everyone has to eat, so why not do it with someone new? 

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