This is a multipurpose item that not only holds your keys so that you don’t lose them, but also serves as a bottle opener. The duality of the product as well as the overall aesthetic of the King Kong produces a fun novel product that serves an important purpose of holding your keys. While the product is useful and playful, it does rely on the need of metal in order for the design to function which can be a flaw if you don’t have metal by your door. The past review does not seem to address the possible design flaws and only on the function of the piece. 

Previous review:

Curiosity-attractive key holder that can be set anyplace with a metal surface to keep your keys conveniently.

This key holder can likewise bend over as a brew bottle opener by utilizing the gorilla’s feet to air out another drink.

I found it on Amazon earlier this year and since then, it has become one of my most used possessions.

The outside is a sleek, matte material that has great grip and is heat-proof. I have this dark turquoise one, but it also comes in black and burgundy (both are beautiful!). The bottle comes with a tea strainer insert that can be taken apart (for ease of washing and putting tea leaves inside). It is light and easy to carry around.