This travel mug is designed specifically for brewing loose leaf tea. The overall design is sleek and minimalist with a screw cap top. The removable tea insert allows for your tea to be brewed during travel, but does require removal before drinking your tea. This can be unfortunate if you do not have a place to dump your tea leaves and wishing to drink your freshly brewed tea. The overall design though is pleasing to look at and the color choice is unique. The previous review focuses on the aesthetics of the travel mug, but don’t look into the function of the design. 

Previous Review:

The inside is stainless steel. I love this because so many insulated water bottles are plastic on the inside, which is not good for my hot liquids. It also successfully keeps my liquids hot (sometimes too hot) all day long (I once went hiking in late fall and my tea was still piercing hot by the end of the day). It is also leak-proof, which is an issue that I have faced with my hot water bottles since I was a kid. 

It was a little pricy (about $25) but for all that it does, this is an amazing product that is both extremely functional and aesthetically-pleasing!