This hand dryer is attached to the faucet so as to make washing your hands streamlined. Instead of walking around the bathroom to dry your hands, now you have to move them mere inches to have them be dried. It’s not only an innovative design but also helps people feel better about not using paper towels to dry their hands and reducing waste. The previous review focuses more about the problem of dripping water on the floor and fixing it with this design. 

Previous Review:

The Airblade Tap is a hand dryer part of Dyson’s successful commercial Airblade line.  What I find so awesome about this product is the incorporation of the hand dryer into the faucet/sink configuration so that there is need for less movement around the bathroom.  Also, unlike the previous airblade dryers that either collect pools of sink water or blow them on the floor, this design is especially smart as it blows the water on your hands right back into the sink.  I see this being a successful implementation at public spaces such as amusement parks, airports, and schools.