Upright go is a posture device attached to the upper back to help correct and develop better posture. By syncing the device with the app on your phone

According to Fogg’s model, factors such as Social Deviance, Brian cycles, Routine play essential roles to determine its superiority over conventional posture correcting band. First, it is a small device that won’t show under most clothes. So it is effortless for the user to wear it all the time, let it functioning all the time. Wearing an invisible device also prevents the pressure of judgment and social deviance. In this way, it quickly becomes a routine in wearing the device comparing to the thick and bulky correcting band. Posture changing could be a lasting process. What makes Upright stands out is that the app fulfills the process. Two modes, Training and tracking modes, are explicitly designed to deal with the conflicts between time and effort put in developing a habit. In training mode, the device will gently vibrate whenever the user slouch. Sensitivity and vibration are adjustable in the app. The tracking mode turns off vibration alerts and keeps accurate stats on the user’s posture throughout the day. Users can check their data anytime. The app also has a rewarding system to motivate behavior.