Live stream shopping utilizing the live-streaming services of social media, providing an engaging experience for viewers to see what’s for sale lively and purchase immediately.

According to the Fogg model, the success of Live-streaming shopping has to do with its simplicity factors related to time, physical effort, etc. Different from Home shopping channels on TV, live-stream shopping usually takes place on small devices such as mobile phones. So with the internet-connected, it could happen anywhere anytime.

According to ‌Cialdini‌, Live-stream Shopping also appeals to” Social Proof”, “Liking”,” Authority”, and “Scarcity”. In particular live-streaming Shopping channels, products are carefully selected, in best deals, and promotions only last as long as the live stream. The limit increases its value because of the Scarcity effect. (Scarcity) Live chats and interactions between the influencer and viewers are instant, questions and concerns are answered right away. The warm atmosphere boosted by the shoppers encourages orders placing right away.(Liking) In the influencer marketing, the hosts are a mix of celebrities, models, micro-influencers and major companies that want to promote their products. Experts and CEOs sometimes also invited in the live-stream to make the recommendations more convincing and authorized. (Authority)