Personally speaking, it is such a must-have gadget for almost anyone at home, in an office, or when traveling. The ultrasonic cleaner works perfectly on a broad span of occasions because of its small size. It is portable to either put it in your bag and carry it around when traveling or place in any rooms and places such as the corner of the table, shelf in bathroom, office, bedroom, etc.
The ultrasonic feature could effortlessly clean a wide range of products that usually hard to take care of, such as Watches, glasses, razor head, makeup brushes, jewelry, small toys of kids, baby feeder, and chewer, etc. Without such assistance, cleaning those small objects could be very tedious. When working, the 45000Hz vibration frequency separates the air from the water, creating 50-500μm microbubbles. The instant pressure of the bursts of these microbubbles reaches 1000 atmospheric pressure that constantly reaches the micron-scale gaps of the surface of the object, thus wipes out dirt, bacteria, and grease seamlessly just in a few minutes.
The rechargeable design makes it even portable without the burden of cords. The vibration sound is also very tolerant and bearable.
The Visceral aesthetic design of the product is also very neutral, simple, and elegant, and the soft white suitcase are matching and not too eye-catching to all surroundings.