Multitasker Pens are all-in-one pen extraordinarily efficient and helpful for note-taking and journaling. It is engaging to keep clear and organized notes and help you to develop a habit. It may seem a little outdated to taking physical notes with a physical pen. But personally speaking, I find making note and journalling on a physical agent could help me to memorize essential info more firmly. I started to use Multitasker Pens since high school, where classes were overloaded, in which a student must keep clear and organized notes with limited time and effort. The multitasker pen could save a ton of spaces in pencil cases and painless to carry around. It has multiple pen fillings of various ink colores embedded in one pen. The one I owned even has a mechanical pencil. The opposite end is a highlighter. Such types of devices are ideal for students in high demand for noting on papers. This all-purpose pen is painless and worthwhile to maintain a habit of note-taking and journaling.