Before running into this little device, I don’t know there exists such a convenient and painless office partner that is flawless. I used to find it annoying when having my stable run out of needles in the middle of some urgent stapling work. It is also troublesome to carry a pile of 50 stapled files and worry about them collapse due to uneven topography. Similar pains happen when you are asked to unlock a stapled file without proper tools and try to maintain its tidiness. All those issues are gone when you have this stapleless staple at hand!

The magical feature of this staple deals with the pain points mentioned above and requires no further supplies and causes little trouble to the subsequent uses and treatment.

Simply adopt a press would seal the papers firmly without breaking it nor pocking holes. To separate the papers, rub the binding part with the bottom part of the staple. The papers stapled without needles are extremely thin compared to conventionally stapled. Thus the organization and carrying of bulk number of files are very convenient and tidy.