This is such a necessary product for students who live in dormitories to keep up a refreshing, clean, and tidy look in minutes. The washer and dryers in laundry rooms at dorms are prone to leaves wrinkles on clothes. The conventional iron is bulky. With limited space in dorm rooms, it is ideal to have a portable iron in a small size. Another pain point of ironing is the clumsy of cords. The cordless design here also enables seamless use and easy to carry around when traveling. Comparing to conventional iron, that has to operate on a flat surface, which requires bigger rooms and surfaces, and usually a wet tower in between to prevent burning. One of the most compelling design features of this handheld iron is its safety guaranteed. This innovative carefully and precisely controlled temperature can effortlessly smooth the folds of clothes while keeping the cloth and user safe. Thus, you could either hang the outfit on a hanger or put it up and iron a few rounds. The overheating detective system will turn the iron off automatically for safe use. This feature is very convenient in comparison.

One design detail lies to its triangular tip of an iron panel that could take care of all small corners precisely. The metal panel is also magnetic, and could simply be attracted on a metal surface such as a refrigerator.

Additionally, there is one more tip to use it, that you could drop a few drops of perfume into the container so that after ironing, your outfit would be even pleasant and smells perfect.